06/13/22-06/17/22, (5-Day) MLD Certification

MLD Certification Course ( 5 Day Live Classroom Format)

Course Description:

For the past century Manual Lymph Drainage, a European modality, has been employed in the finest spas and clinics of lymphology for lymphatic wellness. It is the modality of choice to improve lymphatic flow and filtration especially when a conservative approach is physician recommended. Refined and researched by Dr. Vodder, MLD is one of the only modalities expressly designed to deliver benefits to the lymphatic system without drug or surgical intervention.  *This is a live certification course is taught in the classroom.

This 5 day holistic certification program includes:

MLD Full Body Immune System  - Promoted for both its health and beauty benefits, MLD has become among America’s most requested modalities by plastic surgeons who recommend it for accelerated post-op healing to Certified MLD Practitioners in the Med-Spa. Practitioners are introduced to the A & P of the lymph system learning the delicate balance of healthy lymphocyte production and eradication of toxins responsible for aging and cellulite. The full body 50-minute med spa style protocol taught in the course utilizes the gentle strokes researched & refined by Dr. Vodder and is painless to the patient & not physically demanding on the practitioner. The conservative strokes are designed to reduce inflammation, bruising, scarring & pain leaving a delicate, detailed effect at an accelerated outcome.  Additionally, learn what modalities pair perfectly for a 90-minute MLD protocol that is on the menu of Hollywood’s A-lister’s that are utilizing the technique to get “red carpet” ready the natural way.  You will also learn indications, contraindications, receive compression education and resources compiled by our Medical Advisory Board physicians that use MLD in practice and promote it at Plastic Surgery conventions and the White House.

MLD Head, Face & Neck - Learn how to release the Fountain of youth within by tapping into the body’s natural healing reservoir through the gentle strokes of MLD for the ultimate in anti-aging.  Developed by Dr. Vodder and used for treating sinusitis and other inflammatory disorders, MLD was discovered to hold beauty benefits covering everything from acne to rosacea. Board Approved Plastic Surgeons also recommend this anti-aging tool in conjunction with other non-invasive procedures. Today, research has revealed the lymph system is an underlying player in diseases of the central nervous system; such as M.S., Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s & Concussions. Ground breaking research has put MLD on the A-list of celebrities, models and pro-athletes suffering post-concussion syndrome we treat utilizing these protocols

Mommy and Me MLD - This course begins with exploration of the deep lymph system and the effects of pregnancy. You will learn, understand and receive answers to common questions:

  1. Why do legs and feet swell during pregnancy?
  2. Does edema have any impact on the veins?
  3. What does the lymph system have to do with stretch marks?
  4. Why do I have a “kangaroo pouch” about my C-section scar?
  5. Why do children heal more quickly than adults?
  6. What can I do to ensure my child is lymphatically healthy?

 Learn how MLD can benefit mother-to-be:

  • Early family planning stages
  • Maintain her health through the pregnancy
  • Post-delivery benefits to both mother and child.

Proper positioning for delivery of the hands-on protocol taught in lab is not only useful for pregnancy but for clients with special needs, recent surgeries or are extremely fragile. After delivery, the focus is on early childhood development of the lymph system and the foundational building blocks for a life of good health. Discover what lymphangiomotorical challenges there are for today’s children and how lymphatic research is creating a societal shift toward wellness and what we hope will be a “new normal.” Research from the Touch Research Institute and documentation utilized at LTS Clinic Ft. Lauderdale are covered for practice building within the medical community.

MLD Sports Clinical Practicum - The University of Virginia’s discovery of lymph in the brain (June 2015) has led to significant research having a major impact on professional sports injuries and concussion protocols. You will hear testimonial from our Advisory Board member and former NFL Player utilizing MLD Institute Int’l’s protocol at the clinic he and his wife own performing MLD for pro sports athletic recovery.  This course focuses on the “practical” application of MLD allowing participants to experience the LTS Clinic setting right on the campus. MLD for athletes involves:

  • Rigorous documentation,
  • Standardized measuring protocols used for research taught in this course.
  • Manual lymph drainage on a timed schedule
  • Self-care with “medical grade” compression wear

 --To deliver a complete package, you will become the complete package.

*There will also be a review for the practical and written test.

Sensory Integrated MLD - Evidence-based practice utilizing all the senses has gained momentum in America’s hospitals, clinics and hospice.  Many therapists work in these settings with their MLD, combining sensory modalities in medical settings that fall under OSHA & JHACO, regulatory agencies that site medical violations through unscheduled annual investigations.  This course will ensure practitioners know what sensory integrated tools are combined with MLD and approved for use by compliance agencies to practice safely and legally. You will also discover the power of sight, sound and smell through evidence-based researchers:

  • Dr. Deborah Sharpe
  • Dr. Mitchell Gaynor

 **The MLD Certification Test will Also Be Taken on this day.

Dates: Monday, June 13th through Friday, June 17th, 2022

Time: 9:00am to 5:00pm each day

Location: Cortiva Institute - Cromwell Campus

45 Shunpike Road, Suite 10 | Cromwell, CT 06416

Phone: 860-667-1886

Cost:  $875 

CE Credits: 35

Instructor: Saskia Cote'

Instructor Bio: 

Saskia grew up in The Netherlands, and is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Teacher. She began her bodywork training with the Upledger Institute Europe in 1990 and moved to Santa Fe, to get her education in Massage Therapy from the New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts. She received a doctorate in C.O.R.E. Education from Elfinstone College in 2008.

Saskia has taught massage therapy for over eight years throughout the United States and Europe. She has also written numerous course manuals and teaches various nationally certified continuing education courses. She is the founder of Bottom-Line Bodywork, LLC


What to Bring: Massage linens